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With Blogi You Can Automate Your Blogs, While Staying On Google's Good Side!

So many people are using AI tools these days to automate tasks like writing content, creating images, etc.. The problem is, with so many people using the same popular tools like ChatGPT, it creates very similar and repetitive content.

Plus some people have been spamming Google with AI content to try and get easy rankings.

Google has been cracking down on all this and they recently released a core update that has been de-ranking this type of AI content from the search results.

But it's not all bad news... Google treats AI content on par with human content - as long as its well-written, Google doesn’t hate AI, it just hates AI Spam. And that's where this new Blogi app comes in really handy...

What is Blogi?

Blogi is a brand-new App that uses 10 different AI models to generate 100% unique, high-quality content Google loves. Using 10 different AI models is better than using just ChatGPT because with so much variety your content will be different and unique from others.

And that's just the start of what Blogi can do. It not only writes high quality content for you... It also automates a lot of other time consuming tasks when it comes to blogging.

Blogi is packed with powerful features that make your life easier:

  • Utilize 10 AI Models. Write using any AI
  • Hands-free writer. Give it a topic and keywords and it’ll write articles on full autopilot.
  • Customize tone, style, and personality to suit your blog.
  • Automatically promotes links that you give it to promote.
  • Follow and rewrite articles from other sites and blogs.
  • Automatically posts articles to your Wordpress blog.
  • Choose your schedule and periodicity. Write & post as many articles as you want, as often as you want.
  • Can run dozens of blogs without a problem.
  • Can write blogs in multiple languages.
  • Creates images and graphics automatically for the articles it posts
  • Rewriter tool lets you rewrite any article you want.
  • Includes manual writer that you can use to write AI assisted articles
  • Perfect for long-tail, affiliate blogs, and product promotion blogs.
  • Adheres to Google’s policy on AI content
  • Connects to multiple blogs and sites.
  • Sends you notifications whenever a new article is published or written.
  • And more…


Blogi gives you the ability to continue to utilize the power of AI and please Google all at the same time. It combines the power of multiple AIs to generate content that ranks with hands-free features. You can use it to improve your website rankings, create content your readers crave, generate organic search traffic, gain an edge in local markets, and more.

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>> Click here to get Blogi + my bonuses

There is also a Bundle Deal where you get access to all the products in the full with a big discount…

>> Click here to get the Bundle Deal + my bonuses


If you grab Blogi from my link I will send you access to 4 full products of mine with PLR, for getting just the main Blogi offer. And if you get the Bundle Deal, I will also throw in 2 more premium bonuses worth $344. Check out all my bonuses below…

Virtual Studio Builder (with PLR)

Create Stunning Virtual Studio Backgrounds For Your Projects

Customize with your own logos and backdrops


Want to give your green screen videos or online meetings an instant makeover? Virtual Studio Builder will help you do just that.

This product is a collection of high quality video backgrounds and virtual studios that you can copy and paste into your projects to make them look better.

These virtual studio backgrounds come in different styles like: Newsroom, film studio, classroom, movie theatre, reception, and more.


What makes this product different from other background packs, is that you can customize these virtual studios with your own details.

Most background packs out there come with none-editable MP4 videos or JPG images. Virtual Studio Builder allows you to edit the backgrounds with your own logo, city backdrop image in the window, and your own video or image inside a monitor screen.

Vintage Slideshow Camtasia Template (with PLR)

Create Cinematic Vintage Style Videos With Camtasia

Want to make your videos look EPIC? This easy to use Camtasia 2022 template will do the trick. The template is for a made up movie trailer on the theme of “People VS AI”. You can edit the template and make it for any other topic and theme. And you can use it to create all kinds of different videos, not just movie trailers.

This template took several hours to create and comes with all kinds of different animations, effects, transitions, etc.. That you can repurpose to your liking and use in your projects, saving you hours of time.


You will get a Camtasia 2022 template for the exact video you see at the top of this page. Everything you see in the video is included (music tracks, images, visual effects, text animations, etc..) Everything is fully customizable and you can change the text, colors, fonts, move things around, re-arrange different elements and scenes, duplicate scenes to make the video longer, etc..

Animated Recipe Canva Templates (with PLR)

Turn Plain Text and Images Into Great Looking Animated Recipe Videos - Using Canva


Recipe videos are great because...

  • They're popular and get shared by others
  • They're easier to create than other types of videos
  • You don't need to be on camera
  • You don't need a lot of animations, camera angles, transitions, etc..
  • You don't need a long script

All you need to create a recipe video is…

A written recipe in plain text that you either write yourself, have someone else write for you, or even use one of the AI tools like ChatGPT to write for you.

Plus an image of a dish that your recipe is based on, and a bit of creativity on how you combine the text with the image.

To help you with the creativity part and to save you time on actually creating the video itself, I put together a new pack of Recipe Video Templates which you can edit in Canva.

Recipe Video Template 1

Recipe Video Template 2

Recipe Video Template 3

Recipe Video Template 4

Recipe Video Template 5

Animated Quotes Camtasia Templates (with PLR)

Turn Plain Text and Images Into Great Looking Animated Quote Videos - Using Camtasia


This set of templates will make it easy for you to turn plain text and images into great looking quotes videos, using Camtasia.

The templates come with animated text, slight visual effects to compliment the text, images that blend into the background, plus a background music track.

Everything is already done for you, and you just copy and paste your details inside, saving you lots of time.

Animated Quotes Template 1

Animated Quotes Template 2

Animated Quotes Template 3

Animated Quotes Template 4

Animated Quotes Template 5

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Camtasia Toolkit is an All-In-One video creation suite that allows you to create professional videos quickly and easily using Camtasia. It comes with done-for-you templates for all kinds of popular videos like:


With a PLR license you can use Camtasia Toolkit to create videos for clients AND you can sell this product as your own. This is a premium product and I currently sell a PLR license to it for $197 at this link:

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There is also a Bundle Deal where you get access to all the products in the full with a big discount…

>> Click here to get the Bundle Deal + my bonuses