Use ChatGPT Powered AI To Write Your Content AND Turn In Into Realistic Sounding Voiceovers

Effortlessly Create: Blog Posts, Email Swipes, ADs, Articles, Podcasts, Scripts, Sales Copy and more - For Yourself Or Your Clients


What is GPT Voicer?

ChatGPT has been the hottest topic the past few months. It's a powerful AI tool that can create pretty much any type of written content like blog posts, articles, video scripts, etc..

GPT Voicer combines the content writing power of ChatGPT with super realistic sounding text-to-speech. It's like having your own ghost writer and professional voice over artist rolled into one app.

You Get 2 Powerful AI Tools In 1


#1 GPT Writing Tool

This is a powerful tool where you generate real time fresh content from ChatGPT, right inside the app.

Name it and this tool will create it – Sales Copy, Press Releases, Website Content, Quizzes, Essays, Ads, Social Media Campaigns, Any Script For Voiceover, Tutorials, Podcast Scripts, Ebooks – literally any type of content.

All you need to do is put a keyword and it can generate thousands of words which can be converted into any content or audio within minutes.


#2 GPT Speech Convertor

Convert your ChatGPT generated scripts or any other text into super realistic sounding voice overs.

Customize your voiceovers with powerful editing capabilities:

  • Choose from 150 voices and 50+ Languages
  • Speed Controls – modulate voice, pitch, tone, volume and speed
  • Add Music Of Your Choice
  • Voiceover Can Be Used With Any Video Editing Software

Readymade DFY Content & Marketing Material

You also get 100’s of ready-to-use templates that will save you a ton of time…

  • Email Swipes – 100+ Email Swipes Templates In 37 Angles
  • Articles – 240 + Articles In 30 Topics In 3 Niches
  • Sales Copy – 100+ Templates
  • Video Scripts – 100+ Sales Video Scripts Templates

The templates are carefully selected from in-demand niches like: Self-Help, Health & Fitness, Internet Marketing, etc..

Click PLAY on the demo video below to hear a sample of a video created with GPT Voicer

To summarize, here are the highlights:


To get full details and grab your copy, go to the sales page here...


Grab GPT Voicer from my link and get valuable custom made bonuses you can’t get from anyone else…

Bonus #1: Animated Presenter Sales Video Camtasia Template (With commercial rights)

This bonus template allows you to turn plain video script text and voicer over into a high quality animated presenter video.

You can create your video script and voiceover in GPT Voicer. Then copy and paste both the plain text and the voice over into my template… and you will have a great looking spokesperson video like the one below.

You can manually sync the animated presenters lips with the audio script. You can swap out the character with another character or real spokesperson. And ofcourse you can change the colors, fonts, move things around, etc..

The sample video below was made for HVAC, but you can create videos for any niche topic.


Bonus #2: Simple VSL Camtasia Template (With commercial rights)

This is another Camtasia template I created for making simple VSL videos. You just take your plain text, use GPT Voicer to create a voiceover out of that text… then use this template to create a simple sales video (VSL).

This template has a minimal “clean” look that focuses mainly on text. Plus several background images with a subtle animation on each.

You can use your own images, your own fonts and colors, add your own logo, etc..


Bonus #3: Done-For-You Video Script Voice Overs (With commercial rights)

The above video examples were made for the HVAC niche. If you want to create videos for other niches, I have 50 ready-to-go voiceovers for some of the biggest niches out there. No need to write a script on your part.

You can copy and paste one of these voice overs into one of my templates above, and change the text… and boom you have a niche video ready to go in half the time.


Bonus #4: Animated Presenters Pack (With commercial rights)

Full product which I sell for $29

Need more presenters for your videos? Animated Presenters Pack will give you 9 different characters, each one with different poses. Each of the characters has speaking animations, so you can make them speak along to your voiceovers.

Plus you can mix and match these characters with the bonus video templates above to create your own unique scenes.

  • 9 different animated characters in all kinds of poses each
  • Animated GIF files included (drag and drop these ready to go animations straight into your projects)
  • Transparent PNG files included (add the images on top of any background)
  • Commercial license included

Sells Separately For $29

Included With This Bonus


Bonus #5: Animated News Anchor Character (With commercial rights)

With this template you can create a talking animated news anchorman character. You can type in your own text, add a voiceover, and make this character talk along with the voiceover (with different hand gestures).

Bonus #6: Animated Talking Pug (With commercial rights)

Create a cute talking pug video using this animated template. Type in your own text, use your own voiceovers, change the background, and more.

Bonus 7: Camtasia Essential Text Animations (With PLR license)

Never sold with PLR before (I will be selling this with PLR in the future for $39-$49)


You can add this text on top of ANY green screen video, stock video, or any other video footage, images, or just solid color background.

You can also fully customize the text: choose your own fonts, colors, size of text, position, letter spacing, etc..

Combine this with voiceovers for awesome results!


Bonuses Delivery: After you make your purchase, the bonuses should be auto-delivered inside the WarriorPlus customer portal. If you can’t find the bonuses, then reply to the email you got from me about this product, and I’ll manually send you the bonuses.