Create Amazing Looking Animations and Full Marketing Videos… In 2 Minutes Or Less

Sales Videos, Testimonial Videos, Lead Magnet Videos, Upsell Videos, Onboarding Videos, Special Offer Videos, Content Videos & More…


Not Just Animations, Viddyoze Creates Full Automated Marketing Videos

Viddyoze has built an incredible reputation for creating short animation assets ever since 2015. But now, Viddyoze let's you create full marketing videos for any niche and any purpose... and it does it all automatically.


Step 1: Choose Your Goal

Choose the goal you want to achieve with your video: Lead generation, Facebook ad, brand awareness, and many more.


Step 2: Pick a recipe

Viddyoze provides a wide variety of "Recipes". Think of recipe like a proven set of building blocks that result in a high performing marketing video.

Every recipe is made up of a variety of "ingredients", such as "Call To Action", "Action Headlines" or "Countdown Animations"...

They’ve done all the hard work of creating powerful recipe combinations that are based on decades worth of marketing experience.


Step 3: Customize... only if you need to

Thanks to the built-in AI learning engine, Viddyoze learns what types of content you create and will remember your customizations. In other words, the more you use Viddyoze, the less you have to do to create and the more automatic it becomes.

All Of This Is Automatically Done For You…


It’s A Full-Featured Video Editor And Animation Engine Designed Specifically For Marketers

With Viddyoze you have complete mastery over all aspects of your video from conception to creation, to conversion. Here’s just some of what you’ll find under the hood...


Brand Library

Add your brand name, logo, colour pallet, products, testimonials, product features and benefits, contact information, imagery, and more to the library and the Viddyoze AI will select the appropriate details to add to every video you make



Viddyoze can take your business website URL and pull in all your testimonials, products, prices directly into your brand library


TrustPilot Integration

Include your TrustPilot reviews into your videos so you best customers can tell everyone why they should become customers too


Fine Tune Recipes

Choose a video recipe then fine tune it to meet your exact demands before letting the AI work its magic



Adjust the colour scheme to better match your product or brand


Text & Fonts

You can change fonts and add, remove, and fine-tune text to speak to your audience in the style and language they’re accustomed to



You can further personalise your video by removing the AI chosen images and replacing them with your own


Scenes & Animations

If a scene isn’t relevant to your marketing objective, you can simply remove it. Or better yet, replace it with one of your own custom animations


Bake From Scratch

Turn on creative control and create your video from scratch by selecting individual video ingredients for a truly unique video


Save Recipe

Just made an absolute killer video with Viddyoze? You’ll be wanting to save that recipe to your recipe book so you can remake it and profit again

  • This is perfect for social media and SEO marketing where consistency is king.

  • Crop and adjust your images without needing a tool like Photoshop. Everything happens within the Viddyoze platform.

  • Videos are downloadable in a universal mp4 format, so they’re 100% compatible with all video platforms on the web.

  • Browse, edit, and use hundreds of thousands of royalty free images from directly inside the Viddyoze app.

  • Fast secure servers ensure you’re never waiting around for your videos to render.

  • Viddyoze keeps your creations safe with subtle watermarks that only you can remove.

  • Different platforms require different aspect ratios. So to make sure your viewers always get the best experience, Viddyoze makes sure your videos are always rendered in the correct format for the platform you plan to publish on.

  • See views, comments and engagements all in one place so you can see which videos are doing well and which (if any) missed the mark.

  • Unless you’re a robot (or playing a robot on TV) you shouldn’t sound like a robot. So, we’ve got the best human sounding Text-to-Speech technology available to make your videos sound as human as humanly possible.

What sort of videos can you create?

Testimonial Videos

Turn your best testimonials into full time brand ambassadors, working 24/7 to build your authority. And giving your new prospects the confidence needed to purchase your products.

Website VSL

Want to sell multiple products directly from your website? There’s no need to repeatedly pay for expensive copywriting and design expertise. Now you can simply push a button and you’ve got a video ready to roll.

Facebook Ad Video

$1 in $2 out. That’s the magic ratio. Viddyoze can’t tell you who to target, but it can do the next best thing. Build you a high-quality, low-cost video ad based on proven video ad formulas.

And it’ll do it in the push of a button. Saving you time, effort, and massively reducing costs, getting you ever closer to the magic ratio.

Affiliate Review Videos

The more products you promote, the more profits you make. But good promos take time, and that’s the bottleneck holding back most affiliate marketers.

You could hire a team and have them eat into your EPCs. Or you can use Viddyoze to get your subscribers hyped, your commissions stacked, and your next promotion lined up before the current one has even ended.

And much more…


To get full details and grab your copy, go to the sales page here...


Grab Viddyoze from my link and I will give you access to several of my newest full graphics products. I sell these products for $29 - $49 each, but you can get them as a free bonus

If you also buy the Vidyyoze Pro upgrade I will upgrade the license on these bonus products from commercial to PLR. With the PLR license you can sell these products as your own to others.


Camtasia Toolkit (sells for $49)

Get Done-for-You Camtasia Templates For All These Video Types…


The core idea behind Camtasia Toolkit is to allow anyone to create studio quality videos, all inside Camtasia.

I created templates with all the video footage, images, animations, layouts, text, effects & transitions in place.

Basically I did all the creative work, and all the customer has to do is drag and drop their images, videos and text into placeholders.


Abstract Animations Pack (sells for $29.99)

This product comes with 100 abstract animations plus 25 editable Canva templates with text effects already in place.

The video you see above was created 100% with the templates and animations in this pack. You will be able to create the exact same thing you see in the video.

It’s great for presentations, green screen videos, VSLs, quotes, social graphics, and more.

Abstract Animations Pack sells by itself for $29.99 here


Action FX Animations Deluxe (sells for $39.99)

This product makes it easy to add all kinds of action packed animations to your projects like: explosions, fire effects, bullet holes, ground cracks, and more. It’s great for text and headlines, cartoon videos, logos, ads, green screen videos, viral images, intros, and more.

You will get done-for-you Camtasia templates for all of the scenes in the video above (along with sound effects) Plus just the animations and sound effects in different formats like MP4, MP3, WAV, etc.. You can use these assets with any other video editor (not just Camtasia)

Action FX Animations Deluxe sells by itself for $39.99 here


Sketch Animations Pack (sells for $19.99)

Sketch Animations Pack will help you create whiteboard sketch videos by giving you 100's of animated graphics to use in your videos.

With Sketch Animations Pack you get 20 modules of all kinds of useful graphics like objects, icons, devices, lower thirds, callouts, and more.

The animations come in MP4 format, plus you also get static PNG images in case you prefer non-animated graphics.

Sketch Animations Pack sells by itself for $19.99 here


3D Character Toolkit

This product comes with a super detailed animated 3D character that you can copy and paste into your projects.

This character has been hand crafted by a professional animator and exported into multiple ready-to-go formats including MOV, MP4, and PNG Image Sequence.

There are multiple animated poses included like waving, thumbs up, thinking, etc..

3D Character Toolkit sells by itself for $24.99 here

If you buy Viddyoze from my link, you will get all of the products above with a commercial license.

If you also buy the Vidyyoze Pro upgrade I will upgrade the license on these bonus products from commercial to PLR. With the PLR license you can sell these products as your own to others.

Here is how much these bonus products are worth…

Camtasia Toolkit - $49

Abstract Animations Pack - $29.99

Action FX Animations Deluxe - $39.99

Sketch Animations Pack - $19.99

3D Character Toolkit - $24.99

TOTAL = $163.96

Camtasia Toolkit PLR - $197

Abstract Animations Pack PLR - $49.99

Action FX Deluxe PLR - $49.99

Sketch Animations Pack PLR - $49.99

3D Character Toolkit PLR - $49.99

TOTAL = $396.96

These are not made up numbers of the products “value”, but actual prices these products sell for today and actual prices people have paid for them individually.


Bonuses Delivery: After you make your purchase, the bonuses should be auto-delivered inside the PayKickstart customer portal. If you can’t find the bonuses, then reply to the email you got from me about this product, and I’ll manually send you the bonuses.